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Why banner ads remain the most effective web marketing format

Believe it or not, banner ads remain the most effective ad format.

AppNexus took a snapshot of the marketing world based on vendors’ users’ views, providing insight into what is working, and what is not, in the actual day-to-day execution of campaigns. The AppNexus survey Q2 2015 Digital Advertising Index, which is based on more than 80,000 campaigns transacted on its platform that quarter, revealed banner ads still offer marketers the highest click-through rates.

This may surprise some marketers who don’t typically place a high value on the sometimes overlooked banner ad. However, banner ads offered marketers the least expensive format on the AppNexus platform at $0.16, and also the second highest clickthrough rate at 0.04%, barely trailing expandable ads at 0.05%. For clickthrough those two ad formats significantly outpaced interstitial, pop-up and skins, and skins was the most expensive format exceeding expandable ads by more than a dollar.

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