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Helping brands and publishers profit from online advertising.

Rendo Media is a leading online advertising company that’s dedicated to lifting advertisers and publishers to new heights. Are you ready to got to the next level? Rendo Media is comprised of a several online media technology executives who provide savvy online advertisers and publishers with the latest online marketing solutions to help you reach your goals. Our ever expanding dominating presence gives us an advantage in targeted online marketing channels and our web site properties attract millions of consumers producing quality results.

We are a publisher focused network that is dedicated to providing the best customer service to our web site owners, a rarity in this industry. You will never have to deal with slow response times or late payments.

The company uses advanced ad server technology to deliver the best rates far exceeding that of other advertising networks. We offer our publishers the flexibility of rev share, fixed cpm, floor price, and more to ensure the best structure for your needs.

Rendo Media is the premier choice for prominent visibility. With our proven expertise and advertising tactics you can be assured of an effective campaign. Combine all this with responsive top notch customer service and you’ll wonder why you didn’t work with us before. Contact us today and one of our account representatives will respond right away!


  • The team at Rendo makes my life easier. Letting the experts manage my ads has given me the flexibility to focus on growing my user base.

    Brad Odishoo
  • Reno goes out of their way to fill our ad inventory, and are always giving suggestions to improve our earnings. Without them we would be a few thousand dollars poorer each month!

    Caesar Alfaro
  • Before Rendo the maximum i ever earned was $500-1000 per month. In one word: struggling. Now i am around $10,000 per month!

    Mike Midland