Video Advertising made easy

Rendo Media can provide your video content the advertising it deserves, while you remain in complete control to choose the brands and determine the best video format for your content. Choose from customized pre-roll, post-roll, mid roll, and overlays we’ll optimize the campaigns to ensure the highest payout.

Delivering High Rates for Video Content from all Countries

Right now our video advertising rates are significantly higher than any other form of advertising paying in over 50 countries! Rendo Media can provide you with mind blowing rates for all forms of video?content including user generated content on any player thats vast or vpaid compliant! Our Sophisticated multi-platform video ad server will optimize your inventory to the finest detail and help?you organize and implement traffic enhancement strategies. We give you powerful and effective tools plus Real time reporting of your activity and earnings so you can make the best decisions.

Technology Support and Services

Our first-class engineering team is available to support your integration efforts for mobile and third party ad serving or to help you establish new video advertising capabilities within your custom player or any other type of video format. Keeping our partners up-to-date with the latest video ad serving technologies is essential for us to generate the largest volume of premium campaigns.